Today’s poem 06 May 2017

Streetlight through the window Television under the door The smell of  Foreign detergent  On my clean pillowcase covering a Pillow that feels strange and  Unfamiliar But  This is my baby in our bed  And my husband's gentle snore  And I am suddenly  Overwhelmingly  Grateful  That I can so easily  Bring my home with me.

Today’s Poem 17 Apr 2017

There is always noise here  Late at night  Drinking and carousing  Shrill and staccato. Through the night  Coughing, inconsolable babies  Unfamiliar birdsong starts at four, Maybe half past  I fall asleep  To wake to start-of-day sounds  Water heating  Garbage truck rattling  And so many voices  Making a constant background hum Italian  German  English  French  Piping … Continue reading Today’s Poem 17 Apr 2017